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Find Your Dream Job Podcast

Posted by on Oct 4, 2021 in Blog

Recently I was featured on mac’s list podcast, talking about the Ten Truths of Job Transition.

“Are you trying to transition to a new position or field? If so, you need to go into the process with a definite strategy in place in order to get a new, better, fantastic job, says Find Your Dream Job guest Peter Paskill. Peter says that starts with knowing your skills, desires, and talents, and using them to do a targeted job search. Having the right qualifications isn’t enough; you need to show a hiring manager how you can specifically solve their problem. Finally, Peter strongly recommends holding out for a job that puts a smile on your face.”

You can hear the podcast by visiting THE 10 TRUTHS PODCAST or by visiting Apple iTunes or YouTube.

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Referrals Very Encouraged

Posted by on Sep 23, 2021 in Blog

Since our birthing in the early 1980’s CareerMakers has touched the lives of over 9,000 individuals, most of whom were referred by a previous client, friend, or corporate outplacement.

Referrals came in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. What bound them together was the love and caring of others, wanting to help them achieve a new, better fantastic job and that is exactly what we have been blessed to be a part of. From presidents to first jobs. Pilots to nurses, finding or creating new and rewarding employment opportunities in all sectors, from for-profit to non-profit, government, and universities. A true collage of landing places.

If you know of someone who is struggling to find or create a new job or is currently employed, but unhappy in their situation, please feel very encouraged to send them my way, and be assured I will take very good care of them.

People often ask what I do, and I most often respond “I’m in the personal services business, helping good people find their way in the world of employment.” But I am quick to add that this cannot be achieved without the gracious help of others, just like you and this gift is what sets CareerMakers apart from others.

So we’re all in this process together, people helping people. So as you have been helped by the good efforts of others, take a minute and think of someone you can help by sending them my way, thereby putting a smile on their face and hope in their heart.

My best to each of you and wishing you a safe and happy day.

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Fly the Plane First

Posted by on Jun 4, 2021 in Blog

Years ago when I was first learning to fly, my flight instructor shared some very wise words with me. “Remember, always fly the plane first.” He was referencing the potential challenges facing pilots who can become distracted by whatever is demanding their attention and forget their first responsibility is to fly the plane, then address the potential problem. I think his wise words can equally be applied to our careers and I therefore share with you the following: Our world is certainly filled with surprises, but don’t allow yourself to become distracted. Fly Your Career. Easy to believe why you can’t. No one will be harder on you than you. Take your gifts and talents seriously and Fly Your Career.

Be careful what you believe. Often it may not be true. Fly Your Career.

People, you know much for likely to put their thinking caps on for you, strangers not so much. Fly Your Career.

People help, create and hire people they know and are comfortable with. The Internet not so much. Fly Your Career.

Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the clouds of vagueness. Believe in yourself, listen to your heart, and follow your smile. Flying Your Career will keep you on course.

My best wishes to each of you. Happy Flying!

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INTERNET: Fact and Fantasy

Posted by on May 24, 2021 in Blog

FACT: Probably one of our greatest inventions

FANTASY: One big paid unregulated ad

FACT: In using the internet, be a careful consumer

FANTASY: The jobs I am looking for are all posted on the internet While the internet is a marvelous invention and most of us would be hard-pressed to get along without it today, for the job seeker or career changer, being a very careful consumer of information is absolutely critical. 

From my window on the world, internet job postings have more to do with deselecting rather than selecting. It is not about if the hiring process right or wrong, legal or illegal, abiding by laws, rules, and regulations, it is the reality of how it really works. Behind the internet job posting scene, there are sophisticated applicant tracking systems, which have more to do with the collecting of applicant information rather than applicant selection.

In fact, by name, these are “tracking” systems, not “hiring” systems. A growing number of companies, organizations, and agencies are required to comply with various laws, and these applicant tracking systems provide an efficient process for appropriate data collection. Also, many smaller companies and organizations that have the potential of good pay, benefits, and security are often reluctant to post openings as they are wary of being overwhelmed with electronic responses from individuals they have no knowledge of.

Personal networking, leading to personal referrals, and advocacy is really the most effective way of accessing these potential employers, at least in my view. And while there is no absolute one right way of finding or creating a new and rewarding employment opportunity, I feel that a balanced approach is the most effective. With 80%-85% of my clients finding new jobs via personal referrals, then a like percentage of your search time should be devoted to people networking and the remainder to the internet and the various tools it offers and promotes. In the end, people hire people, and more often than not, ones that are positively referred to or are otherwise known. At my last check, the internet and computers still really don’t hire anyone. 

All my best,


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Who Are We?

Posted by on Jun 29, 2020 in Blog

There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times that every day touches us or someone we know. Whether it Covid-19, political or social unrest accompanied by the adversarial media, it is easy to feel angry and depressed. Are we victims or survivors?

For the job seeker, it can feel hopeless, and sadly many have just given up, overwhelmed by the process that has become remote and unwelcoming. But wait, don’t retreat to the sidelines as there are jobs available, and good ones too, if you are committed and willing to take a fresh look at your job-seeking process. 

80%-85% of my clients are finding or creating new and rewarding employment opportunities via personal referrals and advocates. The proof, in the last month five of my clients were hired for new positions, each one via a referral or advocate, not the internet.

So please work smarter and maintain a balanced approach, relying more on your connections than the internet which in my opinion has more to do with deselecting us. Realistically, finding your new job on the internet is somewhere between slim and none, and can become very depressing too.

So don’t rely on the internet as your first choice. Be targeted/focused and stay close to like-minded positive people, those that care for you and willing to put their thinking caps on for you as this will allow you to really have and maintain a fresh look at a whole new future.


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