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A Contrarian View About Resumes #3

Posted by on 06/30/2022 in Blog | Comments Off on A Contrarian View About Resumes #3

In most situations, sending in resumes into the electronic black hole will be used to “deselect” you, not “select” you.  There is a pervasive and overwhelming believe that all you need to know and find regarding job searching is on the Internet. Not true! First, while the Internet offers so much to so many, please keep in mind that it is a big, paid unregulated ad, especially so when it comes to job postings. Be a thoughtful, careful, and realistic consumer. Based on my 39 years as a career coach, maybe 3% of submitted online resumes...

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A Contrarian View About Resumes #2

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Most resumes look like historical documents or obituaries rather than sales or marketing brochures. 95% of the resumes I see are backward looking listing of titles and experiences. Few if any, tout successes, achievements, and results. Resumes with the potential for success are focused and targeted looking forward and supported by the added value past and future. Less is more when resumes are focused to the key words contained in the job description. Their words are much more important than yours. In my opinion, your resumes need to speak...

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A Contrarian View About Resumes

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There is no such thing as a perfect resume, except in the eye of the beholder. I most cases, unless you know the person asking for your resume, know firsthand what they really want it for, what specifically they want your resume to focus on, what layout/format works best for them, samples of your work, copies of work evaluations and letters of reference …. blindly sending in your resume to the electronic black hole will generally produce results somewhere between slim and none. Taking your unique gifts, talents and interests seriously,...

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You Are The Star

Posted by on 01/11/2022 in Blog | Comments Off on You Are The Star

Finding or creating a new, better fantastic job is not unlike a play with actors, actresses, stagehands, producers, and directors. Putting on a successful play takes commitment to producing the best possible performance, coupled with the wiliness to expend the time and energy to assure it will happen. Finding a new and rewarding employment opportunity really has many similarities and you are the star, and hopefully, you have many positive, encouraging, and committed helpers assuring that you will have a winning performance to an audience that...

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Referral Very Encouraged

Posted by on 01/07/2022 in Blog | Comments Off on Referral Very Encouraged

Since our birthing in the early 1980’s CareerMakers has touched the lives of over 9,000 individuals, most of whom were referred by a previous client, friend, or corporate outplacement. Referrals came in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. What bound them together was the love and caring of others, wanting to help them achieve a new, better fantastic job and that is exactly what we have been blessed to be a part of. From presidents to first jobs. Pilots to nurses, finding or creating new and rewarding employment opportunities in all sectors,...

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Commitment and Willingness

Posted by on 11/17/2021 in Blog | Comments Off on Commitment and Willingness

Almost on a daily basis, I am privileged to receive inquires about my services and I am more than pleased to discuss what I do, how I work, and what results potential clients can reasonably expect when engaging me. Knowing I can’t do it for them, but being their successful mentor, coach, and partner in their potential job transition, I focus on two very important considerations they must make. Commitment and willingness. Commitment to doing something good and positive for themselves. On a scale of 1-10 where are they/you? 1 is a phooey...

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Don’t Sit On The Sidelines

Posted by on 11/12/2021 in Blog | Comments Off on Don’t Sit On The Sidelines

Don’t sit on the sidelines! Unfortunately, too many potential job changers look at this time of year through January 1st saying to themselves, “Not Now” with the misguided belief that everyone is too busy to help them, thus making what they have said to themselves become their reality and stay stuck. The next eight weeks can provide unique networking opportunities and potential access to individuals otherwise challenging to meet. As my Senior HR Director friend told me, “with many job seekers becoming inactive at this time, my staff and I are...

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Holiday Cheer

Posted by on 11/03/2021 in Blog | Comments Off on Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is almost upon us! Too soon for many, while not soon enough for others. This time of year hopefully brings you a pleasant or joyful time with family and friends, enjoying all that is good and taking the time to reflect on our bountiful gifts while not overlooking the needs of others. It is certainly an important time of year for sharing ourselves with those less fortunate which in itself will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart. This time of year often puts us in a reflective mood, the end of another year, and...

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More Real World Thoughts

Posted by on 10/27/2021 in Blog | Comments Off on More Real World Thoughts

Over my nearly 38 years of helping good people to find or create new and rewarding employment opportunities I’ve learned that effective oral and written communication is very often one of the most significant challenges job seekers face. From being raised to not toot our own horn to writing resumes that look more like historical documents or obituaries the process of effectively communicating for most can be a very daunting task. We really just don’t know how to do it effectively and are therefore easily overwhelmed by fear of not really...

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Find Your Dream Job Podcast

Posted by on 10/04/2021 in Blog | Comments Off on Find Your Dream Job Podcast

Recently I was featured on mac’s list podcast, talking about the Ten Truths of Job Transition. “Are you trying to transition to a new position or field? If so, you need to go into the process with a definite strategy in place in order to get a new, better, fantastic job, says Find Your Dream Job guest Peter Paskill. Peter says that starts with knowing your skills, desires, and talents, and using them to do a targeted job search. Having the right qualifications isn’t enough; you need to show a hiring manager how you can specifically...

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