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You Are The Star

Posted by on Jan 11, 2022 in Blog

Finding or creating a new, better fantastic job is not unlike a play with actors, actresses, stagehands, producers, and directors. Putting on a successful play takes commitment to producing the best possible performance, coupled with the wiliness to expend the time and energy to assure it will happen.

Finding a new and rewarding employment opportunity really has many similarities and you are the star, and hopefully, you have many positive, encouraging, and committed helpers assuring that you will have a winning performance to an audience that wants to give you a welcome reception and rave reviews.

Stars take their gifts and talents seriously, have a focused plan, practice like crazy, knowing that each time they step onto the stage, they will be performing to a new audience. Each time you extend yourself to someone, you too, are in effect performing. Are you really ready? Do you have a plan to achieve the desired outcome? Unfortunately, many job seekers really don’t. Even seemingly small acts like making a phone call and really knowing what you are going to say if you reach voicemail or a real person can have less than desired outcomes if you are not fully prepared to perform.

The same surely goes for interviews. Networking to job interviews needs to be researched, planned, and rehearsed if they are to be truly successful and given a welcome reception. The more your “own” your staring role in the job search process, taking your unique self seriously, listening to your heart, and following your smile, your audiences will take you seriously with a standing ovation and an enthusiastic bravo.  My best wishes to each of you in your staring performance.