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CareerMakers Resume Review

Since 1984 I have successfully reviewed thousands of resumes, making them dynamic and focused “sales brochure” instead of historical “obituaries.” In person or email clients very welcome for 45 minute session.

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I was looking for a career coach and I chose Peter over 6 different referrals. He stood out because of his network of people he has, his longevity in the business and directness. We never did get to meet in person and worked just fine doing via video calls. I do wish I could have thanked him in person. He helped me get through a time I when I needed something to focus on – that something was myself. He let me know that my unique active creative brain is a beautiful thing. I helped him create a FB group of his CareerMakers clients, and I think it will be a great tool for networking.
I have now found my pack of people in a multipotentialite group to continue my journey, and happy to know that Peter is in my life, too. I recommend Peter for anyone who is considering changing directions in careers.

Barbi Stanik Creator of Experiences 12/22/2022