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Fly the Plane First

Posted by on Jun 4, 2021 in Blog

Years ago when I was first learning to fly, my flight instructor shared some very wise words with me. “Remember, always fly the plane first.” He was referencing the potential challenges facing pilots who can become distracted by whatever is demanding their attention and forget their first responsibility is to fly the plane, then address the potential problem. I think his wise words can equally be applied to our careers and I therefore share with you the following: Our world is certainly filled with surprises, but don’t allow yourself to become distracted. Fly Your Career. Easy to believe why you can’t. No one will be harder on you than you. Take your gifts and talents seriously and Fly Your Career.

Be careful what you believe. Often it may not be true. Fly Your Career.

People, you know much for likely to put their thinking caps on for you, strangers not so much. Fly Your Career.

People help, create and hire people they know and are comfortable with. The Internet not so much. Fly Your Career.

Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the clouds of vagueness. Believe in yourself, listen to your heart, and follow your smile. Flying Your Career will keep you on course.

My best wishes to each of you. Happy Flying!