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A Contrarian View About Resumes #3

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A Contrarian View About Resumes #3

Posted by on Jun 30, 2022 in Blog

In most situations, sending in resumes into the electronic black hole will be used to “deselect” you, not “select” you.

 There is a pervasive and overwhelming believe that all you need to know and find regarding job searching is on the Internet. Not true!

First, while the Internet offers so much to so many, please keep in mind that it is a big, paid unregulated ad, especially so when it comes to job postings. Be a thoughtful, careful, and realistic consumer. Based on my 39 years as a career coach, maybe 3% of submitted online resumes result in being offered the advertised job. But why?

Bottom line, 80/85% of my wonderful clients are finding or creating new and rewarding employment opportunities via personal referrals or advocates. Yes, we are country of laws, rules, and regulations, but in the end, it is people hiring people they are comfortable with and almost impossible to create this via the Internet.

Getting around this involves having a balanced, realistic, and doable plan of action that focuses first on in-person networking with like-minded people you know who will be much more likely to put their thinking caps on for you whereas strangers not so much. Being focused on what you are looking for allowing others to help you more effectively.