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Who Are We?

Posted by on Jun 29, 2020 in Blog

There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times that every day touches us or someone we know. Whether it Covid-19, political or social unrest accompanied by the adversarial media, it is easy to feel angry and depressed. Are we victims or survivors?

For the job seeker, it can feel hopeless, and sadly many have just given up, overwhelmed by the process that has become remote and unwelcoming. But wait, don’t retreat to the sidelines as there are jobs available, and good ones too, if you are committed and willing to take a fresh look at your job-seeking process. 

80%-85% of my clients are finding or creating new and rewarding employment opportunities via personal referrals and advocates. The proof, in the last month five of my clients were hired for new positions, each one via a referral or advocate, not the internet.

So please work smarter and maintain a balanced approach, relying more on your connections than the internet which in my opinion has more to do with deselecting us. Realistically, finding your new job on the internet is somewhere between slim and none, and can become very depressing too.

So don’t rely on the internet as your first choice. Be targeted/focused and stay close to like-minded positive people, those that care for you and willing to put their thinking caps on for you as this will allow you to really have and maintain a fresh look at a whole new future.