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Keep In Touch

Posted by on Aug 30, 2019 in Blog

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THOSE PEOPLE!!!Job Search Truth #6: People hire people they know and  like – whether or not they have the exact experience, background or skills to do the job.  The simple fact is this: to be liked requires repeated contact. Would you refer someone for a job interview that you met once for twenty minutes? Probably not because your credibility is at stake. Your job is to create opportunities to re-connect with those with whom you conduct research interviews.   You might be afraid of being a pest, but if you keep your repeated contacts brief, people  won’t be put off. In fact, I recommend that when you talk with people on the phone you tell them how long the conversation will take. For example, the call might take 90 seconds or ten minutes. If it’s going to take ten minutes or so always ask if this is a good time to talk. If not, get a time to call back at their  convenience.   Build relationships with people you genuinely like. Do not think you have to cultivate relationships with who have power and influence. When and if you need access to powerful and influential people, those with whom you have developed relationships while researching will help you get in touch with them.   It continues to be my experience that 80-85% of my wonderful clients are finding or creating new and positive employment opportunities via personal referrals or advocates. This is absolutely key to a successful job search!

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Take Care Of Yourself

Posted by on Dec 30, 2018 in Blog

Subject: Take Care of Yourself

Holiday Greetings;

This time of year can cause us to put  too much self-induced stress on ourselves. Too many expectations. Too many plans. Too many assumptions. And never enough time. Whew……

Try to remember that you only live with one person, and that’s you. So you need to take good care of you, because if you don’t, you are probably not going to be good company for anyone else. Make sure that you are gracious to yourself and take the time to do something nice fro yourself every day.

Please keep in mind that your life today is not a dress rehearsal, so listen to your heart and follow your smile and in doing so you will probably be taking good care of yourself.

All my best and Happy Holidays to each of you!

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You Are The Star

Posted by on Dec 1, 2018 in Blog

Finding or creating a new, better fantastic job is not unlike a play with actors, actresses, stage hands, producers and directors. Putting on a successful play takes commitment to produce the best possible performance, coupled with the wiliness to expend the time and energy to assure it will happen.   Finding a new and rewarding employment opportunity really has many similarities and you are the star, and hopefully, you have many positive, encouraging and committed helpers assuring that you will have a winning performance to an audience that wants to give you a welcome reception and rave reviews.   Stars takes their gifts and talents seriously, have a focused plan, practice like crazy, knowing that each time they step on to the stage, they will be performing to a new audience. Each time you extend yourself to someone, you too, are in effect preforming. Are you really ready? Do you have a plan achieve the desired outcome? Unfortunately, many job seekers really don’t.   Even seemingly small acts like making a phone call and really knowing what you are going to say if you reach voicemail or an real person can have less than desired outcomes if you are not fully prepared to perform. The same surely goes for interviews. Networking to job interviews need to be researched, planned and rehearsed if they are to be truly successful and given a welcome reception.   The more your “own” you staring role in the job search process, taking your unique self seriously, listening to your heart and following your smile your audiences will take you seriously with a standing ovation and a enthusiastic bravo.    My best wishes to each of you in your staring performance.

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Don’t Sit On The Sidelines

Posted by on Nov 30, 2018 in Blog

Don’t sit on the sidelines!  Unfortunately, too many potential job changers look at this time of year though January 1st saying to themselves, “Not Now” with the misguided belief that everyone is too busy to help them, thus making what they have said to themselves become their reality and stay stuck.   The next six weeks can provide unique networking opportunities and potential access to individuals otherwise challenging to meet. As my Senior HR Director friend told me, “with many job seekers becoming inactive at this time, my staff and I are often more available to meet and help the serious job seeker than at other times of the year.”   If you are looking to be seriously considered for a new, better fantastic job in early 2019, then please don’t sit on the sidelines. Take your gifts, skills, talents and interests seriously. Make a  plan of action for yourself and surround yourself with realistically positive people who have successfully survived and succeeded in managing the transition of finding a new and rewarding employment opportunity.   So off the sidelines you go, one day at a time, listening to your heart and following your smile.   All my best to each of you!

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More Real World Thought

Posted by on Nov 2, 2018 in Blog

Over my nearly 35 years of helping good people to find or create new and rewarding employment opportunities I’ve learned that effective oral and written communication is very often one of the most significant challenges job seekers face.   From being raised to not toot our own horn to writing resumes that look more like historical documents or obituaries the process of effectively communicating for most can be a very daunting task. We really just don’t know how to do it effectively and are therefore easily overwhelmed by fear of not really knowing what to say or write so people can and will say “Yes” to our request whatever it might be.   A technique I’ve found helpful is trying to put yourself in the position of the person you are trying to communicate with instead of just thinking about yourself. Visualize, what can you say or write that will improve your chances of receiving a positive response?   When phoning, I’ve really found it helpful to do some scripting and practicing out loud  in advance so your words will be targeted with positive focus regardless of receiving voicemail or you actually reach the person directly. By thinking, planning and practicing in advance, you are much more likely to have a successful performance and receive the action you are requesting.   In written communication keep in mind that you are the seller (selling yourself) and therefore your various documents should be built on a marketing plan of action and carried out by creating focused and targeted “sales brochures.” You need to tout your features and benefits supported by your successes, achievements and results. In doing so you will dramatically increase the odds of writing a winning document, one that will get you the interviewing, leading to your next wonderful job that puts a smile on your face and money in the back.   I’m in your corner, so please feel very encouraged to reach out so that I can actively assist you in finding or create your next job or career.   All my best each of you!

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