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Outplacement Services

Outplacement and Career Transition Services
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Outplacement Services

Organizations that make outplacement available to employees who are let go because of downsizing, mergers or terminations are viewed as benevolent both by the affected employee(s) and those who continue to work within the organization.  These services also greatly reduce the likelihood of litigation, as angry employees have a chance to vent and gain some perspective while distancing themselves from the organization and beginning to look toward their futures.

Why use CareerMakers Outplacement and what you can expect:

  • Having experts to support H.R in dealing with the challenges and fears of downsizing, mergers or transitions
  • Reduces the cost of a self-administered program – people affected by transition will not be showing up to the office disgruntled.  Employees have a place to vent their anger/fear
  • In the public eye, organizations are seen as the benevolent employer by doing something meaningful to support affected workers
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We offer 100% guaranteed services at the most competitive investment around
  • We specialize in anger management – to minimize the threat of litigation based primarily on an employee’s anger
  • Rapid response – As a Portland-area based business, we are able to make quick decisions and respond to your needs

CareerMakers Outplacement Programs:

  1. The CareerMakers Comprehensive
    This program takes your employees through an in-depth group process that covers skills assessments, job search skills, and self-marketing.  This includes resume preparation, interviewing, and networking techniques.  Follow-up support provides one-on-one sessions, weekly networking/support groups, and consulting on specific situations.  (See Outplacement Programs Sheet)
  1. CareerMakers Custom Programs
    CareerMakers designs one-, two-, three- or five-day programs for your outplaced employees.  These are usually delivered at the local CareerMakers facility.
  1. CareerMakers One-on-One
    CareerMakers offers individual counseling options for those wanting to review the job search process.  Meeting individually with a CareerMakers consultant, the client goes through an abbreviated course on assessment, networking, and self-marketing, including resume development.  (See One-on-One Sheet)

What Professionals are saying about our outplacement services-

I want you to know that our folks here were very happy with the services you provided and I really enjoyed being able to work with you on the outplacement process. Despite the unpleasant nature of the event, position eliminations, I believe that you helped bring a new perspective that afforded the participants a view to their options and their potential! I look forward – hopefully under more pleasant circumstances – to collaborating with you on another project in the future.”
~Simone Moore, Human Resources, EarthLink Business

A heartfelt thank-you about our outplacement services-

“Dear Peter,
Just wanted to let you know I have heard from several of our displaced workers who attended your workshop last Tuesday and the feedback has been resoundingly positive. They say they appreciated the future-focused, practical information presented. Also, apparently, you spent some time helping people identify their strengths and career interests, which was also mentioned as very helpful.”
~Rhonda L. Smith, Director of Human Resources, Shriners Hospital for Children

A letter from a repeat customer-

“I have been a client of CareerMakers two times in my career. A company lay-off is a devastating experience and CareerMakers provided me with valuable survival information to move past the lay-off and create a new career path for myself. CareerMakers taught me valuable skills and tactics and provided personal guidance that helped me find a new fulfilling career path that I am passionate about.”
~Deborah Z.

Feedback from participants in our outplacement program-

“I have been through a number of training programs from human potential to computer software and graphic design, so I have knowledge of how successful programs can be.
I am very impressed with both the CareerMakers program and the benefit of each of the instructors’ styles and information. Well done!”

“This program has changed my entire way of thinking–not only about my strengths, but now I want my “second” career to look. I appreciate your professional approach–you structured activities that really stretched me and forced me to look inside myself”.