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Retention Services

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Retention Services

Rationale for Retention Services:

How can you hold on to your talented, skilled and successful employees? A smart solution lies in establishing an in-house career development program. These program pay for themselves many times over as you save thousands of dollars that are lost each year due to turnover.

Retention/Career Development Programs: 

  • Discern why turnover is happening
  • Use management’s influence to solve retention challenges
  • Train managers as coaches
  • Individual assessments to understand skill, traits, values and interests
  • Teach employees to drive their own career path with company
  • Institute creative employees’ recognition programs
  • Enhancement of performance evaluations
  • Implement dynamic ‘recruit to retain’ practices

Results Of Utilizing CareerMakers Retention Services:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Significant cost savings
  • Measurable ROI
  • Positive and motivated work environment
  • Clearly defined plan for retaining employees

What a Human Resource Manager Had To Say About CareerMakers Retention Services:

‘Thank you for giving our employees hope who once thought their career option were limited and/or bleak at best. Employee feedback has ranged from ’The best course I’ve ever taken’ to ’This has changed my life.’ Your direct impact cannot be underestimated.’

Deborah D