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Less is more. Be knowledgeable and focused.

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Less is more. Be knowledgeable and focused.

Posted by on Oct 6, 2022 in Blog

Most job seekers view their resume as their life’s story or history, which in most cases is incorrect. Most of the thousands of resumes I have had the opportunity to view, review and edit are too long and often bear little or no resemblance to what is being asked for in the job description. Absolutely, too many words in search of an idea.

As the old saying goes “short and sweat” could well be your guide. Think of your resume as your Sales Brochure, not just the listing of your experiences with few or no results. Your resume aka Sales Brochure needs to mirror the key requirements in the job description. This is critical, and it has been my experience that to make it past the Applicant Tracking System, your resume aka Sales Brochure needs to have 80/85% of the key requirements or you be seriously considered.

Like those annoying ads we see on television or internet, our documents need to be a call to action and using their words which are familiar coupled with action results encourages the reader to want to take the next steps. A targeted and focused introductions is much more effective than a too long lacking focus obituary.