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The Ten Truths of Job/ Career Transition

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The Ten Truths of Job/ Career Transition

Truth #1 – In most cases people hire people they know and like — whether or not the candidate has the exact experience, background or skills to do the job.

Truth #2 – Most jobs that are available this minute are not advertised or posted anywhere. These unadvertised jobs constitute the “hidden job market.”

Truth #3 – There is a structured and directed manner of accessing the hidden job market. It is a networking process called the New Way job search, and most people don’t know how to do it effectively.

Truth #4 – Until you take yourself seriously and come to grips with your skills, values and interests — the essence of who you are — you will not find enjoyable and satisfying work.

Truth #5 – What “they” want is not nearly as important as what you want.

Truth #6 – Tell me how you will make me money, save me money or save me time, and I will seriously consider you as a candidate for a position in my company, whether or not I have an opening.

Truth #7 – The Prime Rule of the job search is: Open your mouth and talk to people — anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Truth #8 – You do not need a resume to do a job search.

Truth #9 – A successful job search is 10 percent analytical (technique, strategy) and 90 percent emotional (how you feel about yourself and your ability to relate to the rest of the world).

Truth #10 – Whatever you believe to be the truth about the job market probably isn’t.