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Gayle Donohue

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Gayle Donohue

Posted by on Sep 25, 2022

Gayle Donohue

Peter is an exceptional career counselor with keen human insight. From the beginning, Peter recognized and validated my decision to find a new career path. An easier way for me would continue in my current profession, but through our sessions, I realize Peter’s insights are spot on. In his book, Want a New Better Fantastic Job? The Ten Truths of Job/Career Transition are grounded in experience. I particularly relate to Truth #9 “what “they” want is not nearly as important as what you want.” I have an opportunity to define what I want to do and what I love for the rest of my life. How great is that?

With his easygoing style and listening skills, I recommend you call Peter and begin your new career journey. Peter will be there for you every step, acknowledge where you are in the process, adjust to where you are, and remind you to be kind to yourself. You will enjoy his insights and sense of humor. Thank you, Peter!