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Ellen Recko

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Ellen Recko

Posted by on Dec 8, 2021

Ellen Recko

Our group of job seekers has had the privilege of hosting Peter as a guest speaker on several occasions, thus I’ve had the opportunity to engage with him on many topics with different audiences. Each time I come away with a greater appreciation for Peter’s unique combination of expertise, wisdom, and compassion. He has a way of synthesizing and communicating what he knows into basic tenets that resonate — both intellectually and emotionally. Such an ability comes only after years of listening, observing, and learning – hence the value of Peter’s insight and advice is literally priceless. Peter’s are the conversations you will think about, long after you walk away. They are sticky, and gently push you towards a reflection of what’s desired, possible, and realistic for you. I would highly recommend Peter as a speaker or coach. As the 26th person to write a recommendation for Peter, it’s clear his talents in the areas of career and life coaching are strong and ever-expanding!