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I have the greatest customers and friends!

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I have the greatest customers and friends!

Posted by on Aug 2, 2019 in Blog

When it comes right down to it, I am very much in the business of people helping people to find or create new, better and hopefully fantastic jobs. 

After all is said and debated about the best way to find a new employment opportunity, the fast remains that it is people who hire people. People don’t hire resumes or applications. They hire people they are comfortable with.

 Individuals choose me and CareerMakers in just the same way. Yes, I help them solve their challenges, but the decision to use my services really is based on personal comfort, based on both emotional support and analytical understanding on what it takes in today’s world to effectively transition from one job to another. 

Referrals made by CareerMakers clients and friends have to be at the top of my gratitude list. These gracious referrals truly reflect the spirit and the personal concern I have for each person I am privileged to serve. The people referred to my office are very special too. While they are often experiencing trauma and difficulties, they are none the less committed to finding a better job for themselves and the willingness to expend the time to make it happen.  

Making the transition from one job to another is not easy, and I understand that every day. But with the dedication shown by my clients and with the help of individuals people sharing their objectivity, perspectives and contacts, the whole process works and the transition is made so much easier than when trying to go it alone. 

So, thanks to all my friends. Each of you in your own way represent the best in us ….. the desire to help and be of service to other people. Thanks, Peter