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We Really Never Know

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We Really Never Know

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Blog

Each of us makes decisions every day. In fact, we make hundreds, maybe thousands of decisions every day. Most of these decisions are made with the safe confines of knowledge, information, experience or belief. None of us wants to make a mistake, so we try and garner all the information in advance to be able to make the knowledgeable and correct decision. Well enough.

What we are challenged with finding or creating a new employment opportunity for ourselves is just the opposite …. too little of the right information and way too much of the wrong. More often than not, we believe that we will live or die by our resume, but in reality, people hire or create opportunities and possibilities for people they know and like. People really don’t hire resumes. Pretty radical!!

Job transition is all about living with the question mark. We have more questions than answers …. and that’s the way it is. But there is hope! Take yourself and your unique gifts seriously and start talking to people. Talk about your transferable skills and areas of interest – not generic areas, but specific ones such as boats, sewing, animals, travel or running. These are all areas that others get paid to work in, so why not you?

I doubt that any of us really knows where our next job is going to come from. That being the case, the more people you talk to about what you want, the higher the probability will be that you will find the information you need that informed and safer decision. Nothing beats asking folks “How can I?” Until you do that, you will never know. Happy exploring!!