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The Last Truth

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The Last Truth

Posted by on Oct 1, 2018 in Blog

Job Search Truth #10: A successful job search or career transition is 20 percent analytical, technique, strategy, planning, and 80 percent emotion –  how you are feeling about yourself and your ability to relate to the rest of the world.

My clients who end up with meaningful work made a “doable” plan of action and put one foot in front of the other to execute it. They are both disciplined and flexible, optimistic and cautious, analytical and emotional. The path to their new work did not run in a nice, tidy, straight line. Instead, it was a path of zigs and zags, hairpin turns and detours. But in the end, truly supported by what they wanted and were committed and willing to find or create they found or created a new, better fantastic job.

Understanding, and taking seriously the emotional side of the job or career transition is critical. Too many job seekers are walking around with what I call “The Emotional Flu.” Not feeling good about themselves, their world, or the people in their world. Taking seriously what puts a smile on your face and surrounding yourself with like-minded and positive people goes a long way to give you the emotional energy to go out and find the job that is just right for you.

Over the past few weeks, I have drawn on my client’s experiences to give you their 10 tips or “Truths” on what it takes to “do it” … find work that is, for you, worth doing. Taking them seriously you will find the process of finding or creating a new job easier and much more effective. Happy hunting and my best wishes to each of you for much success and happiness in your life.   And lastly, please remember that today is not a dress rehearsal.