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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Blog

Today, as I do on most Monday mornings, I led our weekly Support/Networking Group. Attendees include very new clients as well as one going back to 1986 (yes, he has been working.) Each participant has the opportunity to share their challenges, both emotional and analytical, within the environs of a group of folks who all speak the same language, having had many of the same experiences. As I listen and participate ……not like me to sit quietly by ….. two “constants” struck me that I believe we should keep in mind.

First, we all need to remember to be kind to ourselves. People dealing with tough times can find it all too easy to be isolated and therefore lose objectivity or the perspective of others. Acting as our own CEO and Laborer it’s so easy to get down on ourselves, particularly when most of our information comes as a result of asking and answering our own questions. Consider the source!! Yes, to be sure, the world isn’t fair, but from what I hear from people in search of new jobs, we have the ability to be harder on ourselves than the real world will ever be.

My second concern comes from job seekers not having a plan of action. Yes, I hear about goals, hopes, and desires, but too many times these are rendered almost impossible to reach due to a faulty or nonexistent plan or action. A plan of action is not unlike a budget. It needs to be realistic and reachable. It should have checkpoints and time for reflection and corrections using the most current information. Making informed decisions, not assumptive ones, is the key here.

So be kind to yourself. Take yourself and your special gifts seriously!! Develop a realistic plan of action and have some fun along the way.

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How To Find Or Create Satisfying Work

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Blog

Old Way – Based on Past Work Life

Find openings:

  • Write Resume
  • Find Openings:
    • Internet search
    • Company websites
    • Headhunter/recruiters
  • Employment agencies
    • Send a resume to openings
    • Wait for response
    • Have interview
    • Receive offer …maybe
    • Wonder, “Is this right for me?”
  • Take a job like the one you left

New Way – Based on Unique You

  • Extend Yourself:
    • Build Relationships
    • Research interests
    • Busybody
  • Generate job interviews:
    • Write skills-aligned resume
    • Prepare stories for job interview
  • Weigh offers:
    • Make informed decision
    • Solid career decision making
  • Show up to work that is enjoyable and fulfilling


The New Way job/career transition involves learning new ways of thinking and new ways of operating. That means you must unlearn old habits of thought and behavior. This isn’t easy and can cause anxiety as you replace the old with the new.

The anxiety begins with the understanding that finding work the New Way is not about job titles. It does not about resumes. It is not about the Human Resource Department. It is not about hours spent in from of your PC on the Internet. It is not about the safety and comfort of your home. That’s Old Way stuff.

The New Way job search is about you and what interests you. It is all about enthusiasm and excitement. It is about human beings helping other human beings. It is about getting out of your house and researching your interests. It is, finally, about creating your personal ownership/brand in your work-life: work that energizes your spirit and keeps you smiling.

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