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Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Blog

Most folks know more about buying a car than they do about finding or creating a new and rewarding employment opportunity. Think about the process generally used in selecting a new car and then compare that to the process used to find a new job. If we are honest with ourselves, we will probably have to admit that we are not nearly as proactive when looking for work.

We make buying a new car seriously because it is a big deal. But bigger than a new job? I don’t think so!!

Finding a new job today, especially one that puts a smile on your face is full of challenges, but certainly not impossible especially if you take your unique skills, gifts, talents, and interests seriously. There is no one just like you, so having focus and clarity will set you aside from other job seekers.

Using personal relations is all-important when looking for a new job. People who know and like you will be your biggest asset as they have your best interests at heart. Strangers don’t. Your network has more to do with the quality of people you surround yourself with rather than the quantity. You really want to have personal advocates rather than strangers as it is from these people your new, better fantastic job will come from.