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Posted by on Aug 30, 2019 in Blog

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THOSE PEOPLE!!!Job Search Truth #6: People hire people they know and  like – whether or not they have the exact experience, background or skills to do the job.  The simple fact is this: to be liked requires repeated contact. Would you refer someone for a job interview that you met once for twenty minutes? Probably not because your credibility is at stake. Your job is to create opportunities to re-connect with those with whom you conduct research interviews.   You might be afraid of being a pest, but if you keep your repeated contacts brief, people  won’t be put off. In fact, I recommend that when you talk with people on the phone you tell them how long the conversation will take. For example, the call might take 90 seconds or ten minutes. If it’s going to take ten minutes or so always ask if this is a good time to talk. If not, get a time to call back at their  convenience.   Build relationships with people you genuinely like. Do not think you have to cultivate relationships with who have power and influence. When and if you need access to powerful and influential people, those with whom you have developed relationships while researching will help you get in touch with them.   It continues to be my experience that 80-85% of my wonderful clients are finding or creating new and positive employment opportunities via personal referrals or advocates. This is absolutely key to a successful job search!