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Job Market Today

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Blog

Sadly, the majority of new hirings today are for part-time positions, which are generally lower paying jobs offering limited benefits. This trend holds true in Oregon and around the country.

This challenging reality makes it so important that job seekers fully understand the overall job getting process, which, unfortunately, most folks don’t. Bottom line, finding or creating meaningful work today has more to do with who you know rather than what you know. 80-85% of our clients are being hired today using personal referrals.

Having an effective plan of action is all-important. Taking your skills, traits, knowledge and applying them to specific areas of interest is so important. With full-time positions being at such a premium, it is vital that we develop and use personal advocates within the businesses/organizations we want to work for. Without these, we really face the grim reality of not getting the job we want.