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Internet Reality

Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in Blog

The Internet, From My Perspective,

Fact and Fantasy:FACT: Probably one of our greatest inventions

FANTASY: One big paid unregulated ad

FACT: In using the internet, be a careful consumer

FANTASY: The jobs I am looking for are all posted on the internet. While the internet is a marvelous invention and most of us would be hard-pressed to get along without it today, for the job seeker or career changer, being a very careful consumer of information is absolutely critical. From my window on the world, internet job postings have more to do with deselecting rather than selecting. It is not about if the hiring process is right or wrong, legal or illegal, abiding by laws, rules, and regulations, it is the reality of how it really works.

Behind the internet job posting scene, there are sophisticated applicant tracking systems, which have more to do with the collecting of applicant information rather than applicant selection. In fact, by name, these are “tracking” systems, not “hiring” systems. A growing number of companies, organizations, and agencies are required to comply with various laws, and these applicant tracking systems provide an efficient process for appropriate data collection.

Also, many smaller companies and organizations that have the potential for good pay, benefits, and security are often reluctant to post-opening as they are wary of being overwhelmed with electronic responses from individuals they have no knowledge of. Personal networking, leading to personal referrals, and advocacy is really the most effective way of accessing these potential employers, at least in my view.

And while there is no absolute one right way of finding or creating a new and rewarding employment opportunity, I feel that a balanced approach is the most effective. With 80%-85% of my clients finding new jobs via personal referrals, then a like percentage of your search time should be devoted to people networking and the remainder to the internet and the various tools it offers and promotes.   In the end, people hire people, and more often than not, ones that are positively referred to or are otherwise known. At my last check, the internet and computers still really don’t hire anyone.  

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