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A Contrarian View About Resumes #2

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A Contrarian View About Resumes #2

Posted by on Jun 30, 2022 in Blog

Most resumes look like historical documents or obituaries rather than sales or marketing brochures.

95% of the resumes I see are backward looking listing of titles and experiences. Few if any, tout successes, achievements, and results. Resumes with the potential for success are focused and targeted looking forward and supported by the added value past and future.

Less is more when resumes are focused to the key words contained in the job description. Their words are much more important than yours. In my opinion, your resumes need to speak directly to 80/85% of the key requirements in the job description. Anything less and you will probably not be considered.

I would have you strategically incorporate using the “I” word. Lots of debate here, but keep in mind your resume aka sales brochure is all about you. We, they, them, and us is not applying. At the very least, please try writing in the first person.

Whenever possible using the word “results” followed by numbers and/or percentages further highlights you contributions.

Finally, your resume/sales brochure highly focused and needs to catch the eye of the reader in 10 to 15 seconds, so being too wordy will generally work against you. This is your sales brochure, not your life story.