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Tara Hicks

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Tara Hicks

Posted by on Jul 28, 2021

Tara Hicks

I hope that you are well. I do enjoy getting your updates 🙂 Well, I just thought that I’d let you know how much you’ve helped me. Right after finishing with you I used my new found confidence and knowledge (the knowledge in what I wanted/needed and what my goals were). I got promoted to manager and a raise. Last year I was selected for the high potential program as someone the company wants to develop. Earlier this year I was promoted again and put in charge of our entire International team, right after I had received a raise. Earlier this week I let a VP know that I wanted to keep growing as a director position had just opened up, but that I didn’t think I was quite ready. He let me know that in about two years I’d be ripe for that position. Lately, people higher up have been letting me know that the executives have noticed my work and the work of my team and are very happy with it. They have been asking me to speak at corporate events and a lot of doors have opened for me.  

I did enjoy my work and Core, I just didn’t know how to market myself before I met you, because I hadn’t matured enough to realize my worth and how to use it. It seems, that now I have and it is paying off 🙂 

My money was well spent with you and I am deeply grateful for your guidance and your help.